Throughout our own events and our tailor made solutions for our partners, we make event experience different and easier to measure.
We organise various events independently from securing participants to organising venues. Meetups and transacting conferences are also within our portfolio of expertise and we undertake the complete organizational process whether it is finding and inviting a keynote speaker, organising promotion, or designing the experience.
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At xLabs we prepare you for the next 5 years top jobs. Our trainings and workshops are held by top professionals from major companies. We help them to make your education experiences rising.
Thanks to our extensive background in tech recruitment, we specialise in identifying skills on the market and know the professionals who can bridge that gap with their experience and knowledge. We conduct trainings that are open to the public and provide tailor made solutions for companies.
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03Business matchmaking

We personally know influencers on a global scale and we are here to make you the introductions you may need.
With the digital age development of the World became exponential. We live in a hyper-connected society that requires trust more than ever before. That is why we believe our way of business matchmaking, based on trusted personal connections.
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Who we are

xLabs is a dynamic, lively, energetic young company full of enthusiasm. We help our partners get access to the knowledge of the global tech / startup ecosystem throughout events, education and business matchmaking solutions.